These are testimonies are here to glorify God and encourage you!

NO OPEN HEART SURGERY NEEDED !!! - A woman from near Atlanta called. She explained a serious heart problem and that it was planned for her to have open heart surgery. I then prayed for healing for her heart, with both her and her husband on the line. In a couple of days she called back, overjoyed. Evidently, after the first call she had informed the doctor she did not need the surgery because she was healed. He had replied that they then should do some more tests. Right before her second call, he had come into the room and said very simply, "We must have made a mistake." In other words, her heart had been healed! No need for the surgery, praise God. Now this was a woman of great faith, and her husband likewise has great faith. They have devoted many years of their lives to following God's call.

THE RICOCHET HEALING A man and his fiancee had been coming to our weekly programs for several weeks. One night during the prayer time at the end of the service, they both came forward for healing prayer for her back. The next week before the program began I saw the man standing at the back of the room and waving for me to come to where he was. So I did. He had a praise report. He had been healed of hemorrhoids when we had prayed for his fiancee the previous week! He was thrilled by the healing but a bit embarrassed to describe it to everyone present, although later that night after the praise and worship music he could not contain himself and shared with those present. He also did mention to me privately that his fiancee was upset she had not been healed. I call this our ricochet healing, as if the prayer bounced off the fiancee and hit the man. But really, of course, what we see is his faith in Jesus and in healing, and Jesus' compassion for his specific problem.

THE CLOGGED ARTERIES HEALING - One night after a program, a woman came forward who informed Cathy and me she would be going into the hospital that Friday for a medical procedure to deal with clogged arteries at her heart. We then prayed for healing for these blood vessels, for there to be no clogging. When Friday night approached, I telephoned her house since I had known this woman for a few years. She answered the phone and gave a wonderful report. She described how she had been taken to surgery, how a tube had been inserted in her thigh and pushed up to her heart. Suddenly the doctor had jerked the tube out and whisked her to recovery. He then had come into the room and announced to her and her husband "Not only do you not have clogged arteries, but you have the arteries of a young woman!" She was not a young woman. She was delighted and of course thankful to God for this healing. The lesson here is just faith in Jesus and what he has done for us. This woman had such faith and also a good understanding of divine healing, as did her husband.

THE EIGHT HOUR HEALING - Some years ago Cathy and I were preparing to attend a night meeting. Just before leaving she whacked her foot on the lower sharp, pointed corner of a kitchen cabinet. The pain was excruciating. Eventually though she was able to hobble down to the car and off we went. After the meeting was over, Cathy informed me she could not walk! So I prayed for healing, for an end to pain, and she was able to get up and slowly walk to the car. We went home, slowly up the stairs, and into the bedroom where she lay down fully clothed on the bed, propping her foot up on a pillow. I remember the foot was dramatic. Looking at the bottom of it, it appeared as if a pitcher of blood was just being poured in the foot and the foot was filling with blood from the heel to the toe. Cathy spoke with her brother, a doctor, who told her she wouldn't be walking for six weeks. But we quoted the healing scriptures and prayed for her foot to be healed. Then we just went to sleep for the night. Now, Cathy had the alarm clock set for about six or seven in the morning, and at that time it was her custom to leap out of bed when the clock rang. As morning approached, I suddenly heard the clock alarm ring. And of course I instantly remembered how she was used to leaping from the bed. Well, that is what she did. She leaped up from the bed and came down hard standing on both feet. And she did not yell in pain! The foot was completely healed. I mean completely. No swelling, nothing. It was an eight hour healing!! I use this account often to describe how sometimes healing takes place over time.

VANISHED, NOT TO BE FOUND AGAIN! A few years ago I was sitting in a church chapel while another man led a healing service. A woman came to the front for healing. She had a large lump in her thigh, a tumor the size of an orange. Her sister had died from a similar such tumor. The man put his hand on the tumor, and I got up, walked to the woman, and put my hand on top of his hand on the tumor. We then spoke healing words over this and in Jesus' name ordered the lump to be gone. A couple days later my telephone in the office rang. It was the church secretary. They had been trying to reach me. The woman after leaving the chapel service had gone to see her doctor. He could not find the lump and sent her to the hospital for an MRI. That procedure confirmed it; the lump was gone! Vanished! She had been instantly healed!!!

There is even an interesting addition to this testimony. Some years later a woman and her husband came to our office for healing prayer for the husband. While there she said she believed in healing, that some time back she had had a lump in her thigh and she had gone to a service and she then proceeded to repeat what I just wrote above. I told her, "I was there. That was me, along with the other man." She rightfully did not even remember who I was, for it was Jesus who had healed her so long ago, and she had just received it that day. It is always Jesus. By his stripes, we are healed and made whole.

THE 2 YEAR OLD GIRL - Shortly before Christmas 2011 a woman called our office. She had attended many of our weekly programs several years ago. Her granddaughter was suffering from a cancerous brain tumor, and the medical world had no more steps to take. The little 2 year old girl was passing out frequently, and the family just thought that one day she would pass out and not wake up. The woman asked to bring the girl to our office for healing prayer. I knew from our past relationship that the woman had great faith.

So the woman and the granddaughter and the mother of the granddaughter came to the office. The little girl was precious. Cathy held her hand and showed her around the office. I spoke about healing for a short while to the grandmother and the mother, covering the basics of what the Lord has done for us. And then while the grandmother held the granddaughter, I prayed healing for her.

Sometime after Christmas there was a message on the office telephone. The family had taken the little girl to the doctors for a checkup. And the grandmother announced in the telephone message; the doctors say that 82% of the tumor has disappeared! And she thanked me for praying.

A few weeks later another message appeared on our telephone system. It was the grandmother again, joyfully announcing that another visit showed that 94% of the tumor had disappeared.

Then a few weeks later came the message; 100% of the tumor has disappeared. The grandmother was thankful and joyful. "You can use this account anytime, anywhere," she exclaimed.

Praise God!

THE NEWBORN - About a month or so ago, a man from the mountains telephoned. He had watched some of our broadcasts coming out of Charlotte in the past and had received some of our CDs. He had a serious request; his granddaughter had been born a few days earlier, with one lung not as developed as the other. Now she was bleeding from the nose and they had taken her to the hospital. The doctors had asked the family to gather there. The man asked for a healing prayer.

So I prayed for the little girl to be healed. Evidently the whole family was there and listening. And I hung up the phone. About an hour or two later, the telephone rang. It was the grandfather. He said he was putting the baby's father on the phone. He wanted this father to tell me, and he did; the baby had been taken off the oxygen machine. The doctors declared she could be taken home the next day! [In the background I heard the grandfather telling the family, "We're speaking to the 'man of God'."]

Later in a conversation with the grandfather I learned that the baby granddaughter had been born with one lung half as long as the other. After I had prayed for the little girl, the tube that had been inserted in her nose began wiggling around, or she did, and they jerked it out. And in the healing, the shorter lung had grown to the same length as the larger one. The doctor reported he had never seen anything like it!

Praise God!


About two weeks after this, the same man from the mountains called and left a message. His neighbor had had a massive heart attack, and he sought healing prayer for the neighbor. So I prayed when I received the message. And I called back and left a message that I had received the request and had prayed.

About a day later, a telephone message from the man in the mountains left this report: It was not a massive heart attack! Maybe it was a minor heart attack, or just stress! And the man put his neighbor on the telephone to leave a message of thanks. He was already out of the hospital!

Praise God!

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