In two dramatic events, God stepped into a man’s life and changed it forever.  The first in 1983 involved a miraculous encounter with an angel when he and his family were saved from certain death.  A few years later on the New Jersey Turnpike, God came into his car in a stunning “Damascus road” meeting.  The Holy Spirit had come in force!  I am that man, and this ministry is one of the fruits of the relationship that began then.

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Cathy and John Newlin

Working throughout the USA and in such diverse places as Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mozambique, The Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, France, the UK, Canada, and dozens more countries, John was a real global executive.  Suddenly, in the midst of this high-flying career, God intervened dramatically, changing his life forever and leading him in an entirely new direction.

As he left the world of big business, John first focused on writing. Gradually he added giving his testimony and speaking more about what God has done for him and about the many facets of faith that God has put on his heart.  Step by step, preaching, teaching, prayer, and healing became central to his life, and John Newlin Ministries, Inc., was formed. 

In all this, the healing of others comes through as fundamental.  He himself was healed of a serious problem once while standing at a large Christian meeting and, along with others, singing and praising God.  Suddenly he turned to his wife and said, “I don’t have that problem anymore.”  And he didn’t.

Jesus Christ reconciled people to God in all areas of life, not only in making a way for salvation but also in earning the way for healing and total well-being — spiritual, physical, emotional, and financial.  His many accomplishments and their implications for believers are the basis of John Newlin Ministries, Inc., which includes ministry services, classes, and seminars offered in one-day, two-day, and evening formats, as well as supporting materials such as tapes, CDs, books, and DVDs. 

John and his wife Cathy, a strong supporter and partner in his ministry efforts, live on the coast of North Carolina.  The story of their meeting and marriage is a testimony in itself, as are many moments in their lives.

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