Keys to Receiving Healing
(putting yourself in the position to receive your healing)

Keys to Receiving Healing

1.   A strong desire to be healed (e.g., John 5:1-9; esp. see verse 6)

2.   Know God's promises regarding healing (e.g., Is 53:5, Ex 15:26)

3.   Know what Jesus did for us (e.g., Is 53:4-5, 1 Pe 2:24, Is 61:1)

4.   Know what to pray (e.g., Mk 11:22-24)

5.   Faith (e.g., Mk 11:22-24, He 1l:l)

6.   Belief (Mk 9:17-29)

7.   Forgiveness - being in the right relationship with God (e.g., Ps 66:18, Mk 11:25)

8.   Recognize your authority in Christ (e.g., Eph 1: 18-23, Eph 2:4-10)

9.   Establish a point of contact (e.g., see Mk 5:25-34)

10. See with spiritual eyes; see yourself healed

11. Praise (e.g., Rev 4:11 KJV, I Thes 5:18, Ps 22:3 KJV)

12. Spoken word (e.g., Ro 4:17b, Jer 1: 12)

13. Act on your healing

14. The time factor

15. Obedience

16. Get away from non-believers (and around believers) (2 Co 6:14-17)

17. Ignore symptoms (Ec 11:4)

18. Don't care what others say

19. Give higher honor to God than to man (Mt 22:37)

20. Reach into the spiritual world, take the healing that Jesus has gained for you, and bring it back into the physical world

21. Take care of your body - it is the temple of the Holy Spirit (I Co 6:19)

22. Go where the power is.  Get around the anointing

23. Lose yourself in the presence of God (be open)

24. Don't be denied (be determined - get angry at the illness, at the pain, at evil itself, but not at God)

25. Now!  God operates in the "Now!"  (2 Co 6:2)

26. Take Communion regularly (e.g., at church, at home by yourself or with your spouse – see Exodus 12 and Ps 105:37)

27. Jesus is willing to heal you – He’s already done it!  (Mt 8:2-3, He 13:8; Acts 10:34)

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Keys to Receiving Healing
John Newlin

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